Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher

I have written a series of blogs on various topics since I started up my website in July 2010. I have also had some articles published in various newspapers and I have included them in this section. Now in a move to prompt me I hope to write more blogs on the issues of the day and other subjects of interest (including local history), I have created a dedicated blog page, FisherBelfast’s Blog. I have transferred the blogs from here to the new site, but I will leave the ones for 2010, 2011 and 2012 here for archive purposes. So I am now inviting you to take alook at how I have cast my rod and started fishing for stories on a new page. Thank you to all those who have read my blogs here. Please sign up on my new page for regular emails about fresh stories.


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2 Responses to “NEW BLOG PAGE FOR 2013”

  1. Peter Smyth says:

    Dear Mr Fisher

    A friend has discoverd a first edition of William Carleton’s book “Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry”. Is this a rarity and of value ?

    Best wishes

    Peter Smyth

    • fishbelfast says:

      I cannot put exact figures on rare books but any first edition would obviously be worth more than a later one. Carleton is best known for his ‘Traits and Stories’. If it is an 1830 (first) edition published by Duffy in Dublin then it probably is more valuable and I suggest you consult a good antique book seller such as the ones in Dublin city centre. The problem with Carleton’s works is that many of his stories were reproduced in America by publishers who did not acknowledge his copyright as there was no such arrangement in the 19thC and he was left in semi poverty as a result while he lived in Dublin. Sorry for the delay in replying as this was on my original website rather than the 2013 blog.

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